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The Lawrence Jewish Community Congregation (LJCC) was founded in 1954 by a small group of Jewish families living in the Lawrence area. Prior to 1954, there had been no place of worship for Jews, and today the LJCC is still the area’s only full-service congregation. It is both a synagogue and a center for Jewish life in Lawrence. The LJCC provides Friday night Shabbat services, either in-person or virtually, a single Saturday Torah service a month, and full High Holiday and festival services. Services are in Hebrew and English, with much community singing. The LJCC is unaffiliated and alternates the use of Reform, Conservative, and Reconstructionist prayer books.

Community Norms & Values

We are a pluralistic and egalitarian community. Our mission is to be an inclusive and thriving center of Jewish spiritual, cultural, and social life in the Lawrence area. We welcome a diverse spectrum of Jews and their Jewish-adjacent loved ones. The LJCC is currently striving to become a safe and affirming congregation for queer and trans members of our community. If you have any questions or feedback and wish to help us succeed in becoming a truly safe space, please send an email to Program and Engagement Director, Lara Giordano at

These congregational values lay out Jewish principles and practices that we strive to follow:

B’tzelem Elohim, tzedek tirdof
We are made in the image of G-d; pursue justice.
As Jews, we seek to create a community where people are safe and free to learn, pray, and be together.
Derekh eretz, ahavta l’reyekha
Be right with your community, be respectful.
Jewish law tells us that each person is worthy of a whole world. Treat everyone with respect. Respect extends to: people’s choices about how they observe Jewish law, their political affiliations, cultural differences, personal space and contact, people’s identities as expressed in the pronouns they use and the knowledge that they have about themselves (including, for example, what bathroom they determine is appropriate for their use), and awareness and appreciation of differences in ability, and the assurance that the community will proactively seek to be accessible to all.
Practice achnasat orchim
Welcome the stranger.
If someone is visiting the community, make sure they feel welcome.
Judge on the side of merit.
Assume good intent on the part of others in the discussion, and ask clarifying questions when someone says something that is hurtful or thoughtless. Own the impact of what you say. If you hurt someone, be willing to apologize meaningfully; if someone hurts you, be open to their apology.
Tell someone when they need a course correction. 
Communicate with your fellow community members. Be willing to tell someone if something they do makes you uncomfortable or is hurtful. Ask for what you need. 
Avoid l’shon hara.
Don’t gossip; more specifically, avoid derogatory or damaging speech about others.
If you take issue with something someone does or says, tell that person; don’t tell someone else instead.
In addition to these congregational values, all should be aware that harassment and abuse are not tolerated in our community. It is the responsibility of everyone in the community to look out for the safety of others in the community and to intervene in a situation where someone is being harassed or abused. LJCC leadership will revisit this statement and the grievance policy regularly to ensure that these processes are up-to-date and provide the necessary information to - and support for - community members. Should you experience or witness harassment or abuse, diffuse or leave the situation; get help if needed, and contact the designated point person.
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